Virtual Project Management Services

NVT Solutions provides Startups with access to Project Management Experts, Tools, Resources & Methodologies.

Permanent Meeting Rooms

NVT Managers use a Permanent Meeting Room as the Central Hub for all communications.

3rd Party Integrations

NVT Portals are built to integrate with other apps such as Slack, JIRA & GitHub.

Project Management Office

NVT Clients are supported with Templates, Tools & Agile Methodologies.

Project Management Expertise for Startups.

NVT Professionals are located across the globe to ensure 24x7x365 coverage and work together to ensure your projects are monitored and controlled at all times.

NVT Portals are customised to suit each Client’s needs and act as both a Communications Hub & Artifact Repository for the duration of the project.

NVT Mentors are available for immediate advice & are dedicated to sharing their knowledge through our formal Mentoring Program.

Benefits for Startups

Reduce Time

NVT Solutions can help reduce the time spent launching new Products & services.

Leverage a Project Management Office

Use an online Project Management Office, to access to predefined tracking logs, templates and artifacts.

Reduce Costs

NVT Solutions can help reduce the costs of launching new products & services.

Centralise Teams via a Project Portal

Create an online portal, that will secure & centralise your Project’s Communications, Artifacts & Integrations.

Control Scope

NVT Solutions can help control the scope of launching new products & services.

Rely on a Team of Expert Resources

Access a team of Project Managers who are all PMI-PMP certified and have at least 15 years of industry experience.

Control Quality

NVT Solutions can help ensure the quality of what is delivered is as per expectations.

Use a Disciplined Agile Methodology

Take advantage of a Project Management Methodology based on the PMI’s Disciplined Agile Framework & Toolkit..